Robin Hood page 3

SPOILER ALERT! Legends are often based on history, although the stories are often embellished and romanticized. But in the case of Robin Hood, the story you have been told is nothing compared to the truth of the man behind the legend. Did I say man? I meant woman. Yes, you heard that right. Discover the hidden story of Robin Hood, a raging, sadistic lesbian and terror of Sherwood Forest, robbing from the poor to give to… herself. Also terror of the bedroom, as she dominates her massive but submissive and willing slave, Little Jane. Knights and nuns in the woods better watch out! And as for the poor honest Sheriff of Nottingham, not only has history destroyed her good reputation, but she is about to discover that honor is a weakness when Robin gets hold of her body. Discover the exciting tale of Robin Hood and Little Jane in our new comic!


Authors Kachima and Linda

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