Auroras Babification

Before the Bondage Perils of Lunagirl, the evil sorceress Zorell lived in relative harmony. The royal family didn’t bother her, and she didn’t bother them, until the barely legal teen superheroine princess Aurora, cousin of princess Lunagirl, makes the big mistake of destroying a whole plantation of rubber trees in the Amazon. For an obsessed latex-loving freak like Zorell this is an insult she cannot withstand, and so she decides to play a little game with the new rising star of the Royal Family. She casts a very powerful spell and sends it directly to the princess’ bedroom where it obediently waits for naughty little Aurora.
Her uniform changes from a proud symbol into a humiliating rubber baby parody, stripping her not just of her dignity but even her superpowers! Aurora knows who is behind this and what she must do, but plans don’t always go the way we want. Find out more in our latest illustrated bondage book!

Download (ADULTĀ“S ONLY) here:

Authors: FastFist (Author), HofBondage (Illustrations), Linda (Texts), LOMBOMB (Corrections) and I have their permission to use.

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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