Linda in Punishment Wheel

Step Parents 1SE

Linda is a young, successful heiress with a silver spoon in her mouth. She thinks money can solve anything and gets an old salesman kick out of a store. One thing she doesn’t know is that his wife is an old sadistic dom who is after a daughter. When they find out Linda’s pedigree they start spinning a substitute adoption plan…

Step Parents 2 Training Continue

She lives only to serve now. Her step parents abusing her young, soft body and use any occasion to punish her. This time, she is enduring to endless spanking session by her stepfather! This is not enough for her mother so she chooses ENEMA! It will be the first enema in Linda´s life, only she knows this is not the first thing which will happen to her soon…

Step Parents 3 Father´s Anger

The woman she must to call “mother” has hired Linda ‘s own former Maid as her assistant and as “governess” for the fallen girl. As a free woman Linda had often abused her authority and now turnabout will prove to be fair play. Linda is subjected to Maid training, adult baby play and much more as her despicable captors continue her demented “training.” But it seems all is not well with the vile couples marriage; Will this be Linda’s chance to escape? Or will things only get worse for the stepdaughter?

Step Parents 4 New Domme

Poor Linda is still trying to get used to her new life as rubber bitchslave, but her step-parents always like to think up new ways of punishing and humiliating her. This may be the reason her former maid Valleria, now her governess, has decided to take over the family and become head mistress. But first, she needs to get rid of Mistress Claire… or better still, give her a new role in the family.

Step Parents 5 WEIGHT GAIN

After overtaking the power from ex domme Claire, new domme (and former maid) Mistress Valleria decides that she will be a much more strict domme than Claire. She wants to break her “ex-friend” and domme. That’s why she decides to sign her to the female sumo wrestling championship, but our old Clair (even if she isn’t skinny) needs to gain few dozen pounds of pure fat for this. This moment comes to the force-feeding scene and together with her slaves, Mistress Valleria manages to prepare Claire as a female sumo wrestling. Valeria has a preference for her male slave John and she gives him plenty of her free time, but she thinks that maybe she had just the trick how to put Claire down… Find out more in our comics!

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Authors: SraSomeone (Cover page), LDG69 (art), Keely-Key (coloring), REDS ABDL CREATIONS (corrections), Linda (author)

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