Beautiful Feet

Mistress Daria and her maid Mina decided it was time to leave Daria┬┤s mother and start living out on their own. Daria can finally became a young, strong, independent woman, albeit using her mother’s unlimited gold card . . . and her own maid, too. Of course she decides to take Lunagirl with her, together with Rina Gull (former bounty hunter, now a full-time ponygirl slave). But Daria’s flawless plan hits a snag, as they leave civilization just as their car runs out of gas. Luckily there is one last gas station in this godforsaken land, with a beautiful teen girl named Lisa who is bored to death and would give anything for some excitement. But the answer to her prayers, in the form of Mistress Daria, might turn out to be more than Lisa bargained for. Will Lunagirl or Rina escape? How will Lisa respond to her first taste of bondage and submission? Find out what happens in the latest installment from our favorite comic.
This story is dedicated to Daria. We are all missing you so much.


Authors: AnArtLIFE (art), Lombomb (corrections), Linda (author)

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