Slave Position Training

It has taken us some time to return back to Arkham, but this time it will be a very small Arkham just for poor Harley Quinn. Firefly decided the acquittal of Harley Quinn did not amount to justice, nor was it fair to her as a superheroine, and so she decides Harley needs to work off her debt to the community. And there isn’t a better way to pay your debt than by being a rubber maid for a punishing mistress. Firefly visits the hotel room where Harley and her friends are celebrating her acquittal and decides to take Harley with her. Of course, she can’t resist punishing her friends along the way. Six months later, there is no more Harley Quinn, only Mistress Firefly and a rubber maid ready to serve her in all way you can imagine. Firefly has lost her super powers thanks to the submission serum Harley had so heavily pumped into her, and so she has to workout hard in local gym where she meets new friends. But sometimes, people we consider as friends don’t have our best interests at heart… Find out what Firefly has in store for Harley, and what Firefly’s friends have in store for her in our latest comic!


Authors: DanielRemoArt (3D renders), Lombomb (corrections), Linda (author)

All charater are ADULTS!

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