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Track of the Trinoculus by Will Murray

“As far as I know, this is the first story of a brand-new family of superheroes from Will Murray. This trio of metahumans with the guidance of their father investigate a puzzling monster mystery. I enjoyed the fresh characterizations and powers of the three strong women as well as the plot twists and satisfactory conclusion, which I will not reveal.” – Reader review
Six Superhero Stories by Robert Jeschonek

“No one understands gloriously defective supermen better than Jeschonek.” – Eric Searleman,
A Superhero’s Duty by Patricia Gilliam

“A reminder that even in a world that is larger than life, characters with heart matter more than anything.” – Jeff Cunningham (Amazon review)
The Hero Beat by Nick Svolos

“The Hero Beat is headline newsworthy.” – Amazon review
Knightwatch by Mark Ellis

“What happens when one of the masters of action-adventure decides to reach for a cookbook seemingly written by the crew in charge of the Marvel movies? Simple…pure enjoyment.” – Tim Van Zile
Wearing the Cape – Special Edition by Marion G. Harmon

If you love comic-book superheroes, you’ll love this. If you hate comic-book superheroes you’ll still love this! The author takes a tired genre graphic-novel superhero concept and transforms it into a very readable, thought-provoking and thoroughly enjoyable book that I cannot recommend highly enough. – John Caterham
The Superhero’s Son – Books 1-3 by Lucas Flint

“Michael Vey meets Sky High. I will be recommending this series to my children and grandchildren. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.” – Amazon reviewer
The Sixth Men by Jeff Deischer

Nice stuff: Groovy work, fast paced. – Reader review
Hungry Gods by J. D. Brink

“I read it in about two hours, in the middle of the night, very uncommon for me. HUNGRY GODS is NOT just your ordinary “SPLASH!! BAM!! ##*** POW!!” Comic event. It’s really, really good (and a rereader).” – The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

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