Sulky Ponygirl

Lunagirl’s transformation into an obedient ponygirl is complete and she is ready to be gifted as a present for Lady Sonya’s daughter – Daria. Daria is a young, spoiled girl with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is used to getting everything she wants, but coming to a dark world of dommes isn’t easy for any young lady of her age. Daria is inexperienced and frivolous in taming such a wild pony like Lunagirl. Luckily Miss Winters is always here to give Daria a “helping hand“with her education. Find out more in our ponygirl bondage comic!

Our adult bondage comics contain 120 pictures + 1 cover + 6 alternative covers in 3164 x 4096 pix (4k resolution). Featuring: superheroine, bondage, steel restraints, captured, ponygirl, training, rubber, latex…


Authors: Darias-Art (art), Reds ABLD Creations (corrections), Linda (author).

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