Chloe & Marinette Troubles in Art School 6

Chloé has had enough of rubber, bondage and humiliation. She isn’t stupid and starts devising a masterful and ingenious plan on how to get rid of her rubber Mistress, Miss Bustier. She calls her mother to complain about how bad her teacher is. Chloé´s mother can´t stand for someone mistreating her little daughter in such a way, and decides to resolve the matter herself. But little does Chloé doesn’t that her Mother was a friend and secret sub of Miss Bustier. Suddenly Chloé has two dommes who can’t resist the urge to train her in rubber, bondage and submission.
Meanwhile Marinette gets lost while in her rubber straitjacket, but is found by her friend Lila who is forced into joining this little group of rubber freaks…


Authors: ThunderingPikachu (Illustrations), Bob2300 and Linda (Texts), Lombomb (Corrections)

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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