Failed Escape

Mistress Daria and her maid Nina keep trying to train their slaves. Superheroine Lunagirl, transformed into latex ponygirl, receiving more and more restrictive clothing for her super hot teen body. Born whore Lisa is in heaven, becoming a lesbian slave slut was her deepest dream, but Bounty Hunter Rina (now another rubber maid of Mistress Daria harem) still does not accept her fate. She is trying to escape anytime she can, but if she gets caught, she will suffer. Unfortunately Lunagirl sees her chance and foolishly tries it in her heavy restraints. Mistress Daria realised there are too many slaves to train and so Lunagirl is sent into a special training bondage camp for disobedient ponygirls…


Authors: AnArtLIFE (art), Lombomb (corrections), Linda (author)

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