Terras Transformation

Mother Mayhem only keeps her word as long as it suits her. This has made her a very dangerous and all-powerful supervillain. She knows full well she needs all five Teen Titans girls in her possession for her great plan. Luckily Terra is exhausted after a spanking session with Wonder Girl, but never underestimate a treacherous girl and her powers….

Download (ADULTS only) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/titans-the-judas-contract-3

Authors: DanielRemoArt (3D renders), Lombomb (corrections), Linda (author) and I have their permission to use.

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT, ADULT and ADULT


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    Funny side effect of the url submission system, it won’t show that screenshot of your website if you don’t put the url in there, you can include it in the post body though!

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    This may be an off topic post, but I was told that I needed to get a password reset for the system migration. I tried to do that, but I got nothing back whatsoever. This is a new account that I had to create because of this.

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