Superheroine Aurora Babyfication

Superheroine Princess Aurora (Lunagirl’s cousin) finally arrives at the castle in her new babified bondage parody uniform where her step-Auntie Zorell is waiting for her, eager to punish her for everything she has done. Princess Aurora is greeted with spanking and put into her new bondage baby bed. She immediately falls asleep but has a strange dream where she is tied together in a 69 position with Princess Lunagirl. Both girls are enjoying their first lesbian bondage orgasms, until they find out it isn’t a dream! With more and more brain washing Princess Aurora decides she needs to escape before she is permanently turned into a diaper fetish lover. Will Aurora escape from the powerful sorceress Zorell and together with Lunagirl punish the villain? Or will they both end up captured in heavy bondage diapers? Or does there exist a third option? Find out in our latest ABDL book!

Download (ADULTĀ“S ONLY) here:

Authors: FastFist (Author), HofBondage (Illustrations), Linda (Texts), LOMBOMB (Corrections) and I have their permission to use.

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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