Azula and Ty Lee Reunion

7 years after the end of hundred year war, Princess Azula was still kept in very tight bondage to stop her from attacking her jailers. This however didn’t help her addled mind. That’s why they brought in her old friend Ty Lee to help her. Ty Lee prepared to do her best to help her old friend, even if it meant using unconventional therapy techniques on the helpless princess. Tigther straitjackets, bigger gags, spanking, even forced orgasms and any sadistic torment that came to the contortionist’s head was used on Azula. Only vengeance would sooth the firey princess’s rage and thanks to a mistake she’d have it soon… find out more in our newest series!


Authors: Dracowhip (art), Alt Cover (BONDAGARNA), Red´s ABDL CREATIONS and LOMBOMB (corrections), Linda (texts, lettering), Boob2003 (author)

All chracters are ADULT

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