Brigitte vs D.Va

After D.Va was successful transformation into obedient sex drone, Widowmaker moved on another target from Overwatch list. Its was Tracer turn, but unfortunately, she was just enjoying her lesbian time with her girlfriend Emily. She is completely defenceless when is caught in middle of bondage session and Widowmaker has 2 new slaves instead of one. Tracer try to defend her love and managed to send SOS signal to Brigitte – another Overwatch member. But Widowmaker counted on that and D.Va with TOKI will make sure Brigitte won’t make it here to save her friend… What happen with 2 overwatch members? What happen with Emily, Tracer´s lesbian friend? And who will be next??! Find out in our latest bondage comics.


Authors: Redenshi (Illustrations), Linda (Texts), BOB2300 (Corrections) and I have their permission to use.

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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