Impossibly Obscene I and II 2nd EDITION

Kim Possible is the world’s greatest hero, a redheaded legend who has saved the world a dozen times over, but she had needs, and deep dark desires that she must satisfy. A visit to a bondage club seems to offer the answer to all her prayers, here she will be bound in latex, controlled, tormented, and dominated by the most skilled lesbian dominatrix’s in the world. And one emerald skinned Domme will take her to heights she never believed possible…

Kim becomes personal sex slave of Shego. She must now solve the problem in her rubber bondage lair. Bonnie came to find out who dared to use her real name! She is not some kind of submissive bondage whore. She is mistress and wants to punish that daredevil! Shego allowed her one free lesson with one domme, now temporary slave. Bonnie is real mistress and cruel bitch, she takes magic wand and force herself and her new slave to orgasm. Helpless slave has to clean her mistress pussy, Bonnie really enjoying being domme…


Authors: Ryan-Fetishhand (art), Linda (author)

All charater are ADULTS!

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