Ashley The Twin Nightmare 1

As the months passed, Michelle redoubled her efforts to make Ashley the perfect maid. Not just in bed, but Ashley was in charge of the entire household. Her every mistake required swift punished at the hands of Michelle in the form of spankings and locking her in a cage instead of tying to the bed. But a cliché can ruin any relationship. Without access to her beloved gym, Ashley began to put on weight dangerously, threatening her attractivity for Michelle. Luckily, Michelle got in touch with the legendary Fitness Twins, now retired elderly ladies. Their specialty is muscle reconditioning but with the addition of heavy steel restraints, complex strenuous bondage, and incredible torture devices. Michelle is thrilled with the twins’ progress and they quickly take a liking to her as well as to Ashley and her super flexible body that can withstand huge dildos, notched leather straps and giant gags.

For one last time in their lives, soft skin and young flesh bring feelings of excitement and joy to these sisters. Feelings that they do not want to have disappear…. or get away! The longer the young Michelle and her slave Ashley spend here, the less the twins will let them go…

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here:

Authors: Dracowhip (art), DD (corrections, author), Linda (texts, lettering)

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