Harleys Preparation

Harley can’t wait to testify in front of her good friend Judge Simons. Harley tells the truth and nothing but the truth and so everyone, the thieving Magpies, the superheroines Batwoman and Firefly and finally Harley, get what they deserve. Batwoman meets a friendly, muscular girl with a passion for bondage, and Firefly reunites with an old friend. And, of course, Officer Maggie Sayer has problems of her own… This is the final part of our series and a celebration of Harley Master Mind.

DOWNLOAD (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/harley-from-akrham-to-rubber-maid-9-justice-for-harley

Authors: DanielRemoArt (3D renders), DD(corrections), Linda (author)

All charater are ADULTS!

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