New boots for Caroline

Caroline and Robin are frustrated fitness influencers. In a twist of fate, 72 hours behind the walls of this “health facility” opened up a door to a world of heavy bondage, medical fetish, and lesbian domination. As their straitjackets are tightened to the last notch, they realize that the life they were complaining about wasn’t so bad after all, and couldn’t wait to get back. Unfortunately, their personal tests didn’t go so well and so it looks like another round of tests at Sunny View is scheduled for Friday, and they must report! They need to understand that if they don’t show up, they’ll automatically be deemed unfit and will spend the next 12 months in the perpetual detention of this horrible facility. Will Caroline make it in time? Find out more in our comic.


Authors: Dracowhip (art), DD (corrections), Linda (texts, lettering) and I have their permission to use.

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