Lunagirl vs Hammer 1$ comics

Hammer was adept for the villainess of the year, she was cruel, sadistic woman who loved pain and suffer, of her victims of course. She was hired by agency to eliminate all inconvenient superheroines. Lunagirl the most powerful superheroine was one of them and Hammer just loved challenges!

She set up a trap with a nuclear power plant failure and lured Lunagirl to save the world. Radiation had terrible effect on Luna´s special powers. Once Lunagirl was ready to leave the facility, Hammer jumped from her cover and start beating the hell out of Lunagirl. Our weakened superheroine is overpowered and punished in terrible way.

Hammer always wanted to have her own slave girl and Lunagirl was the right goods for her deepest desires…

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

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