Breaking Catwoman 2nd EDITION

Selena Kyle is Catwoman the legendary leather clad and bullwhip wielding super thief and dominatrix. She is a leather clad hell goddess who rules the underworld until one day she goes after the wrong man.

She tried to rob him, but is captured by security and expects a long stay in federal prison for her many crimes. However she would gladly have accepted this if she’d known what he really had planned for her. Forced into a latex hellsuit she is to be remade into his rubber coated slave toy!

Cat´s have nine lives but Selena is no longer a cat but prey for a monster instead. Can she survive and escape or will he succeed in… Breaking Catwoman…

Our latest adult bondage novel contains 105 pages + cover in 2338 x 3508 pix with 52 974 words + alternative sketch cover (this is NOT a comics!). Featuring: bondage, bdsm, leather, rubber and latex fetish, superheroine, training, humiliation, maledom, parody uniform and much much more,..

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

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