What If Donald Duck Became Wolverine #1 Ron Lim Var

CELEBRATING THE 90th ANNIVERSARY OF DONALD DUCK AND THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF…WOLVERINE? In the most unexpected mashup of our time, we travel to the near future where chaos rules as PETE-SKULL has turned DUCKBURG into a super-hero-less WASTELAND. Only OLD DUCK DONALD can turn the tide but he’s given up his battling’ days and prefers naps and GRANDMA’s apple pie over fighting villains. But when MICKEY-HAWKEYE comes knocking at the door with GOOFY-HULK at his side, WOLVERINE-DONALD has to make a choice! Will a trip down memory lane change his mind to save the world or will the lure of the backyard hammock and a long nap keep him from popping his claws one last time? Featuring some of DONALD-WOLVERINE’S greatest moments! Kids to Adults

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