Maggie in Prison Suit

Criminal Harley Quinn has finally been apprehended by police commissioner Wiggum and her team. The superheroine Batwoman, who is also among the accused, has been a tempting attraction for the hungry police lesbians, who do not hesitate to ridicule and humiliate the captured superheroine.

Batwoman is a reminder that they are useless on the job, so they decide to take revenge. In the evening, after curfew, they visit the female prisoners’ cells and decide on a little “correctional action” full of bondage and lesbian love.

Luckily, Maggie Sawyer arrives just in time to save her friend… but when she attacks one of her fellow inmates, the others decide she needs a little lesson. Maggie ends up in isolation wearing the latest in prison bondage gear. For how long will only depend on her behavior.

And if you’re worried about our little delivery boy, don’t be. The local dominatrix has left him in good hands after due preparation! Read about these exciting adventures and more in our latest comic.


Authors: DanielRemoArt (3D renders), DD(corrections), Linda (author)

All charater are ADULTS!

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